Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. ~Albert Einstein

What is energy?

In the last hundred years, scientists such as Seymon Kirlian, Dr. David Hawkins, Dr. Emoto and many other pioneers of science and physics have documented breakthroughs in evidence of energy fields, proving that all objects have energy frequencies and that by removing energetic blocks, your energy frequency will raise and attract the right circumstances, events and objects to you. Shifting your energetic frequency to a higher vibration will positively and dramatically alter your love life, your health, your career and your wealth. But before this can happen, you must remove old energy patterns and blocks so you can move forward into a higher frequency.

Are you feeling frustrated in one area of your life? Every time you put attention into that area it does not end up differently then it has in the past. Let us work together to rewrite your emotions within that area so you can create a change. Are you wanting to change your financial outcome, wanting to meet that next long term partner of yours? Ready to know that you are worth it. Ready to make a commitment click the button below.

Clients who have completed Michelle’s Soul Restricting Program report feeling “lighter,” more “centered,” and “peaceful.”

“I met Michelle at an event and immediately felt that she knew me. During our first discussion, she shared that I had many past lives that were affecting my life now. After completing her 12- week program, I have a “peace” that I have never had. I feel that I have cleared negativity from my life and am looking forward to more changes coming my way. Thanks, Michelle!!!”

– Lori Kratzer

After working with Michelle for six weeks, I can honestly say I feel spiritually lighter.  Prior to our sessions there was a constant feeling of negativity, sort of a black cloud of baggage that hovered over me, trailed along behind me, and weighed me down.   I’d learned to live with it, had been living with it since I was a child, and a handful of doctors and therapists over the years helped me cope with it, but it never left me.

I’m in my fifties now and can’t say I held out much hope.  But a friend convinced me that Michelle’s approach was what I needed.   Each week as she focused on healing and recovering aspects of me that I didn’t realize I’d left scattered across the universe, the lingering sadness that had haunted me for years began to lift. 

Our 12 weeks of sessions are complete and time has passed.  I feel centered within myself and shed off that negative weight.  I also feel a profound sense of trust in myself and my overall wellbeing.

Michelle imparted many effective strategies that I find easy to implement when I’m faced with fear or indecision. She checks in on me now and then, and I’m grateful for her support and continued guidance.

– Kate McKenna

Soul Restructuring Program:

Michelle offers a 12-week program designed specifically to release negative energies, leaving you in a state of clarity and well-being so you can unconsciously make different choices that create different results. By removing energetic clutter and negative energy, you will automatically attract more pleasant and peaceful circumstances into your life and your desires will manifest more rapidly since your resistance is gone.

12 one-hour sessions for 12 weeks:

Week 1 and 2: Michelle preps your soul. This is important because if you don’t prep the soul to clear and remove and collect soul fragments then your soul won’t be able to clear anything. Michelle begins by clearing negative energy around you from family members who have wronged you. She then goes through specific issues that could have been created either through this lifetime or past lifetimes around subjects such as money, relationships, career and wealth and clears all negativity attached to those areas so your soul will be ready to receive.

Week 3 through 10: Michelle goes through your past lives and crosses over any soul fragments that need to be crossed over, closes any parallel lives and parallel universes that you may have and lives in other dimensions that they may have. Many people may feel emotional or tired the next couple of days after these sessions but feel restored, and more peaceful afterward.

Week 11 and 12: These are the final touch-up to make sure that everything that was supposed to cross over, did. Michelle refers to this as the “Clean-up.”

This is my most popular program. Ready for that full life change. For those who are ready for that life change and want to look at things differently. This program is for you. We will work on all the negative emotions within your soul’s DNA. Retrieve any soul fragments that have been lost ripped off, or given away that are hanging out within the universe. This program is a 12-week commitment to better your mind and soul. When we can get them to work together anything is possible. Ready to make a commitment of personal growth click the button below.