We all vibrate at different levels. Find out what level you are at answer questions for where you are at today. As you are answering these questions make sure that you are looking at what is happening in your life today.

1. How often do you see the love in things


2. Do you feel the highest excitement for all parts of your life


3. Do you have any doubt


4. Do you feel lonely at times


5. Do you have a passion for what you desire


6. Do you feel insecurity at times


7. Do you feel a spiritual connection


8. Do you feel like you are being rejected


9. Do you feel open-hearted


10. Do you worry sometimes


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Akashic Records

When I was first told about the Akashic Records I was like what is that. So I do understand how there may be some hesitation within all this. As I was learning to enter and navigate through my records I have come to release that I was able to release some of the things that I was been dealing with. This helped me move through and start to really create the life that I really desire.


Working with the Akashic Records has been the one I love the most. For I know within my life it is where I have seen the most change. After release most of the negative emotions that have been holding me back it was then that my body was able to let go of the trauma that was keeping me there. I have many different services for those who are just curious about what I do and how it works, to those who are ready to jump into the next stage of their life.


I love to create new things that move me I know some will move you also. Take a look at my store to see what is all there. Here I have my Tree of Life Dream Catchers. As I am making these I channel many different Goddesses to allow their energies to be infused with the Dream Catcher.