About Me

I did not grow up knowing that there was a word that would describe how I could walk into a room and feel all the emotions within that room. I always felt overwhelming going out in public. The Universe thought it would be humorous to have my sign be a Leo. Growing up, I was always extremely emotional. I cried about everything and anything. There were times I felt it was from my dysfunctional childhood. As an adult, I still cry about everything. Now I can understand things more.

There were many times during my childhood that I felt like I did not want to be there. I did not know where else I wanted to be. See in the ’70s the world was still small even though the town I grew up in was a bigger one my world still seemed really small. There were many times within my world where I felt overwhelmed, not important, not worth listening to, and so many others feels that would take up a page or 200 in order to explain everything. It was not until the 90’s that the world started to look a little bigger.

It was not until the early 2000s that I started on my journey to figure out who I really was. See I was always the person everyone thought I was for being around them all the time does not allow you to change much. It was during this time that moving to a completely different state where not a lot of people knew me I was able to find the true me.

I did this by meeting the right people, leaving a marriage where I was not happy, in fact when I got married I was doing it from what I thought was love and not what real love is. Then I got introduced to something called the Akashic Records. I thought I was in heaven. The thought of being able to release and let go of all the shit from my childhood almost sounded too good to be true.